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Leader Language School Students

Leader Language School is an after-school language institute that focuses on ages six through eighteen (pre-college). Occasionally, we are asked to send our teachers to local public schools to assist in their English programs or summer camps. We also conduct one-on-one tutorial sessions, and special off-site group classes for adults in businesses and government agencies.

For students who are interested in studying abroad, every summer, Leader Language Schools take students to the United States or England for summer intensive English language camps. These exciting three to four week camps also include excursions to famous travel spots in the host countries. Students come back to Taiwan with a renewed enjoyment about their learning of English.

At Leader, we attempt to focus on the personal needs of each student. When students are ready, we urge them to demonstrate their knowledge of listening, speaking, reading, and writing by taking the appropriate level of the General English Proficiency Test (GEPT). Thus far, the students from our school have had great success in passing the basic, intermediate, and high-intermediate levels of this challenging test. Many students do so earlier than expected for their age group. Some have even received perfect scores on some sections of the test!

Many former Leader students have gone on to attend top universities in Taiwan. Leader believes that it has contributed to the education of these fine students, not only by improving their English, but also by fostering a general knowledge of the world around them (an attribute that universities seek in their applicants).

Our teaching philosophy entails providing a fun and exciting atmosphere to motivate students to learn a second language, but at the same time providing structured lessons, weekly quizzes, and continuous language drills. Teaching materials include various ESL/EFL conversation and grammar textbooks, as well as our own publications.

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