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The Leader Teaching Team
Leader Language Schools currently have fifteen part-time and two full-time Taiwanese teachers of English. All Taiwanese English teachers are graduates of English departments or foreign language departments specializing in English. Many of our Taiwanese teachers are enrolled or have completed Master's Degrees in such fields as Linguistics, Translation, Children's English, or Literature. The primary job of Taiwanese English teachers is to explain grammar.

We have five full-time North American teachers from Canada or the United States. All native-speaking English teachers have teaching, mentoring, coaching, or TEFL/TESOL experience.  It is the native English speakers' task to engage in meaningful dialogue, check pronunciation accuracy, and facilitate listening skills practice.

Together, the Taiwanese teachers of English and the native English-speaking teachers are jointly responsible for each basic to high-intermediate class. These teachers are not in the room at the same time, but have a set time to visit classes.   In both the primary and advanced levels, a native teacher teaches the entire class.

Our teaching team is also assisted by a friendly secretarial staff, part-time student “graders,” as well as the directors at each branch of Leader Language Schools.


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