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Q1: What is there to do in Taiwan?
A: Eat fantastic food, visit night markets, paddle a dragon boat, try betel nut (but don’t swallow), hit Kenting’s beaches, hike in the mountains... Taiwan is also a great jumping off point to visit other Southeast Asian countries.

Q2: What is there to do in Changhua?
A: Changhua is a medium-sized city with a small-town feel. It has a superb golf course, driving ranges, a top-notch tennis facility, a decent gym with free weights, a stadium with running track, a concert hall, swimming pools, a skate-park, a cultural center with library, a national university, the attractions of Ba-Gua Mountain, tea houses, and much more. It is less than 20 minutes by car or train to Taicheng, the third largest city in Taiwan.

Q3: What do I have to pay for?
A: Teachers need to pay for their flight over to Taiwan, their physical, visa processing, income tax, minor portion of health insurance, lodging, and electricity. The end-of-year bonus is meant to offset the previously mentioned costs. Lodging is very reasonable in Changhua compared to that of North America. A one-room suite with private bathroom runs around $US180 per month.

Q4: What should I bring to Taiwan?
A: You can buy most of the things you need in Taiwan, but the essentials you need to bring are: your passport, the original copy of your university/college diploma for visa processing, special medication (although, that too may be available), some cash (We estimate about $US800- $1000, just in case).

Q5:  What is the climate like in Taiwan?
A:  The plains region is semi-tropical. Taiwan can get cool in the winter, so bring some warm clothes. It gets very hot in the summer. However, our schools have air-conditioners in each classroom.

Q6:  Can I get Chinese lessons?
A:  We have an in-house Chinese teacher. She charges a reasonable hourly rate per student. A basic understanding of Chinese will certainly make life easier in Taiwan!

Q7:  What about housing?
A:  We have a teachers’ apartment building where all teachers are housed when they arrive in Taiwan. One month’s rent is FREE, as are all utilities except electric (phone, cable, water & DSL Internet are FREE). Each unit has a refrigerator, kitchenette w/sink, TV, and is fully furnished. The rent varies according to the size of the unit and ranges from $NT5500 to NT$6000 (exchange rate $NT1: $US33). If you would like to move out of the teachers’ accommodations, you are free to do so at any time, provided that you give us notice.

Q8:  Will I receive training?
A:  Our pleasant staff, faculty members, and directors will work with you every step of the way until you are taking care of your own classes. You will first observe, and then teach sections of our classes until you feel comfortable enough to take on full classes. For the training, you will be paid for any time spent in front of a class.
Q9: What about income tax?
A: According to Taiwan’s tax laws, your income will be taxed at 20% until you have been here 183 days of each tax year. HOWEVER, after being in Taiwan for 183 days, you will be taxed at 6%-13% depending on your year's total earnings and eligible to get a rebate (20% minus 6%-13%) after the tax year.
Q10: What is the process for getting a visa?
A:  You should go to your local Taiwan Economic and Cultural Affairs Office (TECO) and apply for a TRAVELER'S 30-60 day extendable visa. When you get to Taiwan, we will introduce you to our school, and help you get situated. If you feel that LEADER is a place you'd like to work for a year, we will mutually sign a contract. We will then start the process to apply for a WORK VISA during your training period. After you receive a WORK VISA, you can apply for a RESIDENCE VISA. While we will assist in processing the visas, the cost is the teacher's responsibility.

Q11:  What should I do before coming to Taiwan?
A:  It is necessary to get all of your affairs in order. You don't want to go back to a pile of troubles when you return to your home country. This may include settling any debts (It is possible to make wire transfers home for student loans, etc.). Do as much research as possible about Taiwan before you come to mentally prepare yourself for a year abroad. Coming to Taiwan is not like a weekend camping trip.

Q12: What if I decide Taiwan is not the place for me?
A:  If we do not mutually agree to a contract, you would have the length of your visa to leave the country or find other employment. You would be responsible for your initial transportation and lodging. If you enter into a contract with LEADER, you will be expected to stay at least a year. We will make a considerable effort to help you adjust to your new living situations. If you leave earlier than a year for whatever reason, we ask that you provide sufficient time for us to find a teacher to take your place.

Q13: Can I get health insurance through LEADER?

A: Taiwan has excellent health care. After receiving your alien residence card (ARC) LEADER will help you apply for national insurance. You will be issued an “IC card.” LEADER pays the major portion of your health care, and you pay a minor portion depending on your monthly salary. We have an official salary chart from the government which shows how much you would pay.
You can go to any government-approved clinic or hospital for treatment. There is a small fee (usually only $NT100), but exams, most procedures, and medicine is covered by the national health care program.

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