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About Us

LEADER LANGUAGE SCHOOLS are privately-run language institutes in Changhua, Taiwan. Changhua is a mid-sized city in west-central Taiwan. It has many temples and one of the largest free-standing statues of Buddha in Southeast Asia located on scenic Ba-Gua Mountain. The city is home to Changhua University of Education and Jian Guo Technical College.

Changhua has an exceptional golf course, two driving ranges, a top-notch tennis facility, a cultural center with library, internet cafes, tea houses, and much more.

Not far to the west is the town of Lukang- famous for its handicrafts. The larger city of Taicheng lies to the north, only 20-30 minutes by car or train.

LEADER LANGUAGE SCHOOL is an after-school language institute. We teach English as a foreign language in beginning through advanced groups or tutorial classes.

If you are interested in becoming a member of our teaching team, please cut and paste your resume (no attachments) into e-mail, with a brief introductory statement of purpose. If our selection committee is interested, we will contact you shortly.


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